A Zombie Novella

Welcome to my blog for Turning, the novella! This is the spot to find news on the eBook, added snippets, and any future plans for the story and its world. If you've read it, I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks. :) If you're new to the story, check it out below.


For the past year, Mari has relentlessly fought the undead. Australia - if not the entire world - is void of electricity, running water, and 99.9% of the human population. All Mari has to live for is the good fight. But a year is a long time for a woman who won't slow down, and the only peace she allows herself is fraught stillness.

Now Mari is stopped dead in her tracks. Stranded from her small crew of survivors, she finds herself alone, injured, and infected. Over the next eighteen hours, she will transform into a zombie. As an infected, she is considered the enemy and has no rights. Anyone she comes across has license to kill her, and there are no laws yet about how her death should be dealt.

But finding survivors has always been her priority, and the bite hasn't changed that. Her incredible urge to seek out humans, to rejoin her group, is dangerous and illogical. Insanity. Cam, Gordon, and her other friends are out there somewhere. She just needs someone, anyone, to look her in the eyes and tell her she’s still human.

Turning is a dystopian story of human transformation. Sometimes our greater humanity is found when we face the monster within...

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